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Visualisers for Distance Learning – The Teachers Best Friend

Now more than ever, the document camera or visualiser is fast becoming THE classroom tool for online tutoring and remote learning. They are no longer limited to local classroom use but now they provide a useful resource for video-based learning. Over the years we have supplied a lot of different brands makes and models of visualiser. Currently we are supply Lumens, Aver & Epson. Our current favourite is the AverVision U50.

Visualisers for Distance Learning

Visualisers work with any application that recognises a USB camera (Windows, macOS and Chrome OS) and are also extensively used with video conferencing software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Adobe Connect and Google Hangouts for webinars, web conferencing, distance and home learning. Most models are also extremely portable and ideal for teachers on the move.

Visualisers – Powerful Magnification

Teacher can stimulate students’ curiosity by zooming in on objects for all to see. A visualisers powerful magnification combined with large high-quality classroom displays makes very small objects visible on the screen so that the whole class can see them clearly. A Visualiser makes it possible for the entire class to view any document, demonstration or 3D object together. One common practice is to share a student’s homework and then edit it “live” with the rest of the class to demonstrate common mistakes and best practices. Teachers can also share the work of a student or student group project.

Software for Visualisers

Most visualisers come with proprietary software which allows you to annotate over the image. This function allows you to add annotations in real time. Add text of different size and font, select existing text, rotate, add colour, underline, and even delete annotations. Edited images can be saved straight to your PC for use later.
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Live Video Experiments

The visualiser is a camera, and therefore allows you to carry out live video experiments and video conferences with other schools. See our article on Video cameras & Audio for remote teaching. Educators around the world can connect in a new way and the desktop visualiser can facilitate the audio and video hardware element of this connectivity. This makes the humble portable visualiser a really useful teaching tool that most primary classrooms cannot be without in today’s online world. Visualisers have gotten simpler to use over the years also. These days they are plug and play USB devices and as simple as connecting a webcam or mouse. There is no need to feel in any way intimidated. Simply plug in the unit and point the camera where necessary. With 5-10 mins of ‘playing around’ and you’ll have it.

Recording Lessons with Visualisers

Visualisers can be especially helpful for educators who want to record their lessons. A shot can be set up very simply and the teacher can record straight to PC or cloud using a basic video recording software. If a student is absent, they can watch the video to catch up as opposed to teachers finding spare time to explain what they have missed. Use your visualiser to photograph the lesson material or to keep a record of a student’s work, for grading and save money and time on photocopying.

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Visualisers for Schools – Available Now

If you are purchasing visualisers, why not contact us and speak to a member of the Toomey Team on 01 4660515 or contact us online for some sound advice. We generally hold a large stock and deliver next day.

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