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€79 Million in Funding for Primary, Post-primary and Special Schools

Minister for Education Norma Foley TD has unveiled a funding package of €79 million to bolster digital learning in schools and facilitate minor building works. An allocation of €50 million will soon be distributed as grant funding for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to all recognized primary and post-primary schools. Additionally, a separate €29 million has been allocated for minor works funding, specifically for primary and special schools.

ICT Funding Aims

The ICT funding aims to assist schools in integrating digital technologies into their teaching, learning, and assessment practices. This €50 million ICT grant marks the second instalment of funding under the Digital Strategy for Schools until 2027. Previously, schools received €50 million in ICT grant funding for the 2021-2022 academic year. Minister Foley expressed her satisfaction in announcing this funding, emphasizing its role in supporting primary, post-primary, and special schools across Ireland. She highlighted that the ICT grant funding will enable schools to continue incorporating digital technologies into their educational practices. Minister Foley also stressed the importance of equipping young people with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to effectively utilize the benefits offered by digital technologies, which can open up a world of opportunities for students.

ICT Grant for Digital Strategy

The ICT grant for Digital Strategy will include a €2,000 basic grant for primary schools along with an additional payment of €39 per mainstream pupil, €43 per pupil in DEIS schools, and €47 per pupil with special needs attending a special school or special class attached to a mainstream primary school.

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For instance, a primary school with 100 pupils will receive €5,973, while a primary school with 500 pupils will receive €21,865. Post-primary schools will receive a basic grant of €2,000 plus €47 per mainstream student and €52 per student in DEIS schools. A post-primary school with 500 students would get €25,840, and one with 1,000 students would receive €49,680. This grant is an extension of the €210m allocated under the previous Digital Strategy for Schools 2015-2020, and the €50m provided under Ireland’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan to help schools support learners facing educational disadvantages due to the digital gap. Minister Foley emphasized the department’s understanding of schools’ necessity for suitable ICT infrastructure and its unwavering commitment to ongoing funding to aid in the implementation of the Digital Strategy.

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