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Touchscreens for education are designed to inspire whilst enhancing the welfare of teachers and students alike. As the digital classroom develops, collaboration and interactivity are becoming an everyday feature. Our products give you the freedom to connect any device to your screen and annotate over and software or device you have connected to it.

With CleverMessage you can communicate and send instant messages to every Clevertouch screen in your school, from one central location. Send tailored messages to selected or all of your screens. Create fully customizable welcome screens and use your Clevertouch as 24/7 digital signage when not in use. You can cast reliably from your portable devices with ease.  Supports iOS, Android & Windows.

Our complete classroom solutions are easy to use, simple installation and designed with more than 50,000 hours of use. With low maintenance and NO on-going subscriptions costs we provide the full solutions for every classroom.

How do I place my order?

Choose a Range

  • Philips
  • Clevertouch M Series
  • Clevertouch Impact
  • Clevertouch Impact Plus
Interactive Flatscreen Range for Schools - Ireland

Choose a Size

  • 65”
  • 75”
  • 86”
Flatscreen wall mounting for Schools - Ireland

Choose a Mounting Solution

  • Wall Mount
  • Floor to Wall Mount
  • Trolley

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  • Lease it with GRENKE

Our Interactive Flatscreens

We supply interactive flatscreens that deliver on quality, performance & budget.


Ideal for the more budget conscious, M Series benefits from advanced connectivity, a simple to use LUX user interface, and many of the great functionality and features you can experience with other education displays in the Clevertouch family. With whiteboard-mode using the Note app, an in-built internet browser, and subscription-free access to Lynx & Snowflake. Over the Air updates ensure your panel is ready when you are.


The perfect all-round solution for the classroom. Featuring high precision technology, Whiteboard App, Cleverstore, Lynx and Snowflake. Ideal for the modern classroom, IMPACT helps to save time lesson planning with lots of resources and learning activities. Inbuilt Cleverstore for Apps, Inbuilt Clever Message digital signage, Intuitive interface & stunning image quality MultiTeach when connecting a PC - the V Series offers a complete classroom solution.


Make lessons extraordinary with the new IMPACT Plus. Feature rich, with solutions that free teachers from the constraints of the restrictive traditional classroom. Full of apps and resources to capture the attention of all students, and make lesson planning a quick and simple process. With IMPACT BUILT IN! Super Wide Sound, Clevershare, NFC with Cloud Accounts, Array Mic, Cleverstore, Whiteboard App, Lynx and Snowflake.

Don’t have a solid wall?

If your wall is partition or prefab we offer the following options:
Mobile Fixed Height - Flatscreen Trolleys - Toomey AV Ireland
Electric Height Adjustable Stand - Flatscreen Stands - Toomey AV Ireland

Need a mobile solution?

We offer 2 mobile options:
Mobile Height Adjustable Trolley - Flatscreen Trolleys - Toomey AV Ireland
Mobile Height Adjustable Trolleys - Flatscreen Trolleys - Toomey AV Ireland

Why replace Interactive Whiteboards with Interactive Flatscreens Panels?

It’s a question that we are frequently asked by schools considering upgrading their equipment, so here are a few reasons that should be considered.

Using an IFS is more economical than an interactive whiteboard and projector. There are no costly consumables such as lamps or filters, and no downtime whilst a new lamp is on order.  The power consumption of a Clevertouch is less than that of a traditional whiteboard solution with a projector, amplifier and speakers, which offers a financial saving. With many schools trying to reduce their carbon footprint as well as trying to cut costs this is worthy of consideration.

Because there is no projector, there is no risk of a child being in the path of a light source. There is no shadow cast by the teacher as they use the screen and the crystal clear displays offer good viewing angles and a crisp, sharp image. Interactive Flatscreens are durable and hardwearing, made of toughened anti-glare glass and sturdy steel frames.

Interactive Flatscreens - Impact Plus - Toomey Audiovisual Ireland
Why Trust Toomey AV for Schools

Interactive Screens

Interactive screens do not require specific pens, this means no more hunting for the missing pen, and no pricey replacements when it can’t be found.  No calibration is required (ever) and no software drivers, so an IFS on a trolley can be moved from classroom to ICT suite to school hall and back again with no additional set up needed.

Interactive Screens have revolutionized classroom technology. They are incredibly functional, with easy-to-use software and an intuitive walk-up-and-use experience, it makes technology simple and accessible to all ages and backgrounds.

Wirelessly screen share your iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone and tablet, Mac® and Windows® laptop or PC to your Interactive touch screen.

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