Voice Reinforcement Systems for Classrooms

Voice Reinforcement Systems

High Quality Speakers & Wireless Mics

Typically, a standard Irish classroom consists of approximately 30 students, computers, projectors, and possibly air conditioning. Throw in sounds from other classrooms, lawn mowers, cars, and loud passers-by, and the poor teacher is up against it. Everyday!

One solution is for the teacher to just raise his/her voice but overtime they may very well end up with a vocal health issue. The best solution is a voice reinforcement system that consists of a high-quality speaker and wireless microphone. The speaker should be high quality. The microphone should be small, lightweight and high quality.

Voice Reinforcement Systems for Schools - Toomey AV

Benefits of Voice Reinforcement Systems

Multi Headphone Outputs Options - Barthe Language Equipment - Toomey AV

Omnidirectional Microphone

Omnidirectional Microphone - Voice Reinforcement System

High Quality Audio

Easy to Use - Cleverwall LED

Easy to Use

High Performance - CLEVERWALL LED


Lightweight - Voice Reinforcement Equipment


Voice Protection - Voice Reinforcement System

Voice Protection

Popular Portable Voice Reinforcement Solutions

Extremely easy to use and quick to set-up

Voice Reinforcement Belt PA System with Headset Mic

Highly Portable, 7 Watts, ideal for small classrooms, powered by included power adaptor or by six rechargeable AA batteries (sold separately), rechargeable batteries can be charged within the amplifier, operating time with fully charged batteries: approx. 6-8 hours

Portable PA System & Wireless Headset Mic

Highly Portable, 25 Watts Output, rechargeable battery, USB music playback, ideal for larger classrooms and outdoor use, integrated handle & shoulder strap, mic input: 6.35mm (¼``) jack, on/off power switch, charging time: approx 4.5 hours, battery life: Voice: 7 hours

FrontRow JUNO Classroom IR Audio System

Learning depends on listening and classrooms are inherently challenging environments for students to hear and for teachers to be heard. Improve your student’s comprehension and learning outcomes with Juno. Includes Teachers Lanyard Microphone for hands free operation.

Installed Voice Reinforcement Systems

When more than a portable solution is required.

Some teachers may prefer a permanently installed solution. This offers exceptional audio quality and ease of use, however the downside of course is that if a teacher with vocal health issues moves classroom, the sound system needs to be reinstalled also.

This consists of an amplifier, typically 4 wall mounted speakers and a wireless microphone. An induction loop can also be incorporated for people who are partially deaf.

2 Speaker Installed Classroom Audio System

Stunning audio system for smaller classrooms, 60 watts, ideal for classrooms, 2 speakers (left & right of front of class), durable equipment designed to provide years of use

4 Speaker Installed Classroom Audio System

Stunning audio system for smaller classrooms, 125 watts, ideal for larger classrooms / small hall, 4 speakers (one in each corner of classroom), durable equipment designed to provide years of use

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