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5 Ways Schools Are Using Cleverlive Digital Signage

Schools are challenging environments and having the right tools to manage the distribution of information seamlessly across the entire school grounds is paramount. Designed to broadcast direct to large format display screens, digital signage delivers those tools, transforming the way schools can share information in the classroom and around the school grounds. It enables schools to communicate important information in an at-a-glance format, engaging with students, staff, visitors, and teachers.

Cloud Based Digital Signage – CleverLive

Cloud-based digital signage platform CleverLive, a global award-winning cloud CMS platform, enables users to change information quickly and easily in real time or plan ahead with scheduled messaging. Plus, the unique one button messaging feature on CleverLive allows for instant announcements to be triggered instantly across the school grounds simultaneously.

CleverLive delivers a platform that enables schools to integrate their Clevertouch devices including classroom collaboration panels, wayfinding totems and room booking tablets with digital signage screens, creating a seamless distribution of communication for broadcasting messages across school grounds.

With the ability to manage and distribute dynamic content from one integrated platform, CleverLive digital signage is a cost-effective way to keep the hectic school environment operating smoothly, and importantly, keep schools on top of developments in technology.

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5 Ways Schools Are Using Cleverlive Digital Signage

The five most popular ways schools are using digital signage to solve the problem of communicating around the school grounds are:

  1. Welcome Screens: Digital signage is used to make visitors, students and staff entering the school feel welcome.  An eye-catching message incorporating the school motto, head teacher image and school captains’ greeting is common in many schools.  It is dynamic, can change daily and provides that professional impression when people arrive.
  2. Wayfinding: Providing easy access information on how to get around school grounds is crucial to keeping the school running on time.  Digital signage is commonly deployed on free-standing totems or wall mounted panels to display maps for ease of directional displays.
  3. Information: Frequently changing information such as timetables and events, along with school policies and teaching staff information are recurrent themes on digital signage screens around schools. Communicating this key information is important to ensure students and staff are kept up to date.
  4. External News:Using digital signage to display world and local news, traffic and transport reports, and other outside information is also common to see when viewing school digital signage screens as it enables students and staff access to relevant outsourced content.
  5. Emergency Alerts: Digital signage enables schools to send instant emergency alerts to manage situations such as strangers on school grounds, fire, accidents, weather warnings and student altercations, and is a valuable way the technology is used by schools.

8 Reasons Why CleverLive Digital Signage is Popular

The growth of the digital signage industry continues to climb as its popularity as the number one method of communicating with large audiences increases across more and more industries. Here are our digital signage team’s eight reasons why CleverLive digital signage is popular:

  1. Saves expenditure by eliminating printed advertising costs.
  2. Enables broadcasting on your terms – 24/7 or scheduled hours for a more environmentally friendly approach.
  3. Delivers seamless integration between multimedia formats, including videos, images, announcements, news, weather, and more, on a single screen simultaneously.
  4. Devices can broadcast content that interests and engages with your target audience quickly and easily.
  5. Empowers you to manage your content on one or more devices in any number of locations from a central cloud platform, keeping your content fresh and relevant.
  6. Future-proofing technology to maximise investment.
  7. Improves your communication with staff, customers, students and visitors, creating an inviting, informative and innovative environment.
  8. Deliverable over a wide range of devices, including media players, commercial displays, interactive displays, high bright displays, totems and room booking panels.

Why choose Toomey AV Digital Signage Installation

Why choose Toomey AV for your Digital Signage Installation

  • Full HD commercial flatscreen displays
  • Full HD digital signage software
  • Stunning content design and presentation
  • Easy to use software
  • Full scheduling backend
  • Fully scalable from one display to as many as you may ever require
  • Professional AV installation
  • Full end user training

Digital Signage for Schools CleverLive

CleverLive Digital Signage for Schools

If you are considering some digital signage displays for your school then give our dedicated team a call on 01 466 0515 or contact us online and we will provide you with the perfect solution for your budget and requirements.

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