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Flat Screen TV for Classrooms

Flat Screen Displays in The Classroom

There is a lot of talk about interactivity and self-directed learning in the classroom these days. Things are changing rapidly, and interactivity is at the heart of that change. But for those who favour a more traditional pedagogic approach, or who simply can’t afford investing in an interactive flat screen, there is the option of buying a flat screen display.

Flat Screen TVs Are A Cost-Effective Solution

Benefits of Flat Screen TVs for ClassroomsFlat screen TVs for classrooms are a very cost-effective solution for front of class displays where interactivity is not a requirement. We offer full HD and 4k displays which deliver superb graphics as well as lots of connectivity, allowing you to display the content on your laptop or device both wirelessly or via a cable. Other benefits of flat screen TVs are:

  • Low cost: it won’t break the bank to buy one.
  • Available in large sizes: ensure that everyone in the class can view the screen clearly.
  • Low cost of replacement: should anything happen to the screen to hinder its performance, we will replace it at a low cost.
  • Easy installation: because of the lightweight nature of the screens they are very easy to install.

We supply many brands of flat screen displays including the leading models from Philips, Sharp, Sony and NEC.

Investing In A Large Format Display

While these screens don’t offer interactivity, you can still benefit from the ICT revolution by hooking them up to your laptop and displaying what you want to display: notes, images or pages from the internet. Interactivity and play in the classroom are mostly associated with younger pupils. If you run a secondary school, it could be worth considering investing in a large format display as there is less need for interactive games and learning through play in a secondary classroom.

The Flat Screen Display is a Good Instrument for Pedagogical Learning

Indeed, the large format display facilitates a style of learning known as blended learning. This involves a blend of the traditional pedagogic approach and approaches that use ICT. Pedagogy is a one-way system of learning in which students are passive recipients of knowledge. The truth is there is an element of pedagogy in all learning, at all levels and this is not likely to change for the foreseeable future. As far as the traditional approach goes, it can be argued that the flat screen is simply the new black board or white board: where it is placed, how it looks and how it functions.

The flat screen display is a good instrument for pedagogical learning, but it also allows you to avail of the ICT revolution through its connectivity.

The flat screen display is a good instrument for pedagogical learning, but it also allows you to avail of the ICT revolution through its connectivity. The ability to display anything on the screen at any time speeds up the learning process considerably. Of course, they can also be used for pure entertainment. Rewarding your students with a film every now and then is an important release from the pressure of learning.

Flat Screen TVs for Schools Ireland - Toomey AV

Budget Friendly, High Performance Flat Screens for Schools

This synthesis of the two approaches to learning is the future of education in our society. We are proud to play a part in making that future happen by supplying ICT equipment to schools around Ireland – and keeping it serviced!. Our budget friendly, high performance flat screens are a potential valuable tool for educators across the board. So, if you are thinking of investing in one or more, give us a call on +353 1 4660515 or contact us online and we will listen to you and advise you as best we can.

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