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ICT Equipment Onsite Servicing – Make An Informed Decision

A lot of ICT equipment installed throughout Ireland in 2009/2010 is still in daily use. Although out of warranty, it is still functioning, in some cases without any issues whatsoever. Many users are choosing to refresh the projectors rather than replace expensive lamps, others are choosing to move to interactive flatscreen technology. We can supply you with the info you need to make informed decisions. Is your AV equipment out of warranty? Let us take care of the hassle!

Audio Visual Maintenance Service

At Toomey AV we understand that your AV equipment needs to be reliable and that you depend on it every day. That’s why when something goes wrong you need a fast and efficient service that you can rely on. We can also offer a professional full onsite maintenance program for your Audio-Visual Equipment. Over the coming blogs we will feature some pf the AV services we provide. In this article, we are looking at onsite equipment servicing.

ICT Equipment Servicing and Maintenance - Toomey AV Ireland

ICT Call Out Service For Schools

For complete peace of mind and to make ICT servicing as pain free as possible we call out to your premises on a once off basis and service all your ICT equipment. During the ICT service call out we will go room by room throughout your school or building and provide you with a detailed report and status of all ICT equipment on site.

Type of ICT Service Available

When we say we offer a comprehensive onsite ICT maintenance service we mean it! We’ve got 50 years of experience in working with Irish schools and ICT equipment and know the most common issues schools face with equipment and, more importantly, how to resolve them quickly or offer a workaround. You can see some of the areas we look at when conducting our ICT servicing below, an impressive list if we say so ourselves!

Projector Maintenance Service

  • Remove & Clean projector filters
  • Reset Filter Meters
  • Check Projector Performance
  • Check Mounting Bracket & Fixings
  • Check all signal cables
  • Check all AV Connectors
  • Check & test all AV terminations
  • Check Picture alignment & Calibration where necessary
  • Check Software & Firmware updates
  • Check remaining lamp life

Interactive Whiteboards Maintenance

  • Full system commissioning
  • Check all cables & Connectors
  • Check Software & Firmware updates
  • Check Picture alignment & Calibration


  • Equipment serviced in-line with manufacturers guidelines
  • Detailed SAP Reporting provided
  • WEE registered obsolete Equipment recycling

Cables & Termination Boxes

  • Check all cables, connectors & plates
  • Repair / replace any faulty items


  • Check usage and remaining life
  • Provide competitive quotation for replacements


  • Install Software updates

Speaker Systems

  • Check all cables & Connectors

We’re all about peace of mind. Why not use our expertise? We can call out after school for minimum disruption or blitz the entire school over 2 days.
Popular ICT Services for Schools - Toomey AV Ireland

Our Most Popular ICT Services

As you can see from the list above we provide a wide range of services for ICT equipment but like all things in life, there are always a few standouts! When it comes to our ICT maintenance services these are the 10 most popular onsite services that we get asked for.

  1. Replace/upgrade projectors
  2. Install Interactive flatscreens
  3. Fix Audio Problems
  4. Troubleshoot faulty cables
  5. Install speakers
  6. Make HDMI projectors wireless
  7. Relocate equipment
  8. Clean projector filters & classroom service
  9. Supply & fit replacement projector lamps
  10. End user AV Equipment training

ICT Maintenance – Prevention Better Than Cure

Remember, as the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and this holds true for ICT in schools. By getting a regular ICT maintenance schedule in place you’ll be able to prolong the life span of the equipment, ensure all is working safely and most importantly minisime any equpiment downtime so that classes and day to day business doesn’t get interrupted.

To find out more about our ICT maintenance service give us a call now on +353 1 4660515 or contact us online to arrange a consultation!

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