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The End of Pen And Paper Exams?

As Irish schools move further away from the need for pen and paper with the introduction of technology in classrooms across the country there are calls for exams to go the same route in the UK. A recent report, The Future of assessment: five principals, five targets for 2025, discusses whether a technology based exam system could speed up the process of assessment for pupils and teachers. If it is being discussed in the UK it won’t be long until it’s on being discussed here.

ICT is Leveling The Playing Field

One thing we at Toomey AV are passionate about is pupils having access to the same materials across the board. A child’s background shouldn’t hinder their learning or potential. The introduction of ICT for schools has levelled the playing field and provided pupils with a springboard towards higher education as well as the confidence in their own skills in ICT. With more and more businesses implementing ICT in the workplace it is vital that students are taught from an early age to give them the skills and confidence needed to have a wider range of options for their future path.

ICT Leveling the Playing Field in Schools - Toomey AV

A Frictionless Transition to Paperless Exams

Research, published in the Journal of Research on Technology in Education, has shown that ICT in the classroom improves student’s engagement, knowledge retention as well as giving them the skills for independent learning. It also shows the implementation of an interactive flat screen improves the collaborative skills of students. The study, conducted on 174 worldwide case studies, also found that the structure of the classroom changed with the teacher becoming less of a central figure and more of a guide helping the students along. If penless and paperless exams come to fruition, which it’s looking more and more likely, then students with experience using ICT in the classroom regularly will have a frictionless transition so classrooms should be ahead of the curve rather than caught off guard leaving students the ones to suffer.

Award Winning Interactive Flat Screens

Our multi award winning interactive flatscreens are designed with easing the classroom experience for both teacher and student alike. You will find students more readily keen to engage with an interactive flat screen which makes the classroom a happier place to be. With our interactive flat screens you’re also getting a more economically viable solution to the standard interactive whiteboard as well as preparing students for a time when the pen and paper methodology for examinations is dropped.

The End of Pen and Paper Exams in Irish Schools - Audio Visual for Schools

The End Of Pen and Paper Exams?

With over 50 years in the education sector here in Ireland we thought the potential end of a pen and paper based exams would be an interesting development and shows the ever evolving nature of education. Do you think it will happen? Whether it does or doesn’t we are in an ideal position to enhance your school and should you wish to enquire any further please don’t hesitate in contacting us and we can walk you through all your options. Give us a call now on +353 1 4660515 or contact us online for more info and we’ll take it from there.

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