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School Portable PA Systems – Sound Advice

In a previous post we discussed how to choose the right portable PA system for your school and in this post we’ll outline why you should get a portable PA system for your school. We truly believe that they are the bee’s knees and, judging by the feedback we get, so do our customers. We really can’t say enough about these ultra-convenient, excellent sound system solutions!

Portable PA System for Schools - Toomey AV - Dublin

The Portable PA System Is Unmatched

Our portable PA systems are suitable for many environments and occasions, but it is in the school environment that they really reach their full potential. For sheer convenience, the portable PA system really is unmatched. Why restrict yourself to a static sound solution when you can enjoy the myriad benefits of a mobile one? Think of all the events and occasions throughout the school year that could be enhanced by a high-quality wireless microphone and a high-quality speaker to boot. Daily assemblies, outdoor ceremonies, sports days, information evenings – the list goes on! And the feedback we get is overwhelmingly positive – “I don’t know how we managed without it” and “it’s used every single day” are the most common reactions.

A Real Positive Difference to Schools & Colleges

We get no end of satisfaction when we hear this kind of feedback. We’ve been doing this for many years, but we still love to hear from satisfied customers. The truth is, it’s why we do it! This business would have no meaning for us without knowing that we are making a real, positive difference to schools and colleges throughout the country.

Portable PA Packages for Schools - Toomey AV

Portable PA Packages for Schools

Here are some of the portable packages we offer.

  • Trecker 30 Watt Portable PA System
    The Trecker 30watt portable PA system is our least expensive product, but don’t let that fool you. This is a powerful unit that will deliver for almost any occasion you might have in mind. A full charge lasts 6 hours and the speaker has a retractable trolley handle and wheels for ultimate portability.
  • Barthe Portable PA Systems
    Next up is our very popular Barthe 50watt system. This has all the features of the Trecker but you also get a floor stand and CD deck, as well as the extra power. The Barthe 120watt PA is a major step up in power and you also get an extra wireless handheld mic. plus Bluetooth.
  • Ultimate Portable PA Package
    If you really want to go the extra mile, we recommend our Ultimate Portable PA package. You get two speakers with a whopping 400watts each, as well as a Proel compact 8 track mixer with USB port, a Sennheiser wireless mic. and all the cables and stands you will need.

Sound System for Schools Events - Toomey AV Dublin

Superb Portable Sound Systems for Schools

Convinced? Want to hear more? Why not contact us today and we can talk about bringing one of these superb portable sound systems to your school or college? You can give us a bell on +353 1 4660515, or contact us online and we are always happy to advise and clarify. It costs nothing so do reach out and find out more about these perennially popular products.

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