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Large Mobile Interactive Screens for PE Departments – A Game Changer

Interactive Screens for PE Departments

The large, mobile interactive screen can make all the difference to your PE class. It is a powerful and incredibly convenient addition to any PE department, that will make the teacher’s life so much easier and the students’ experience a lot more fun.

Now that there are special digital grants available for equipment for PE departments let’s break it down and find out what is so great about these machines.

Make Teaching PE A Smooth Exercise

The three adjectives are ‘large’, ‘mobile’ and ‘interactive’ are key when it comes to these machines.

The interactive capability of the screen will benefit the teacher most. There are so many different aspects and areas of physical education which are covered by so many learning apps and videos and other content, that being able to interact with the screen will make all the difference as far as ease and convenience goes. The powerful interactive display will make teaching PE a smooth and seamless exercise and improves the learning process for everyone.

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Mobility Is A Very Handy Option to Have

Making the screen mobile is another game changer as far as PE goes. Because it is the only subject that involves physical exertion, mobility is a very handy option to have. Bring the interactive screen to your pupils instead of bringing your pupils to the interactive screen. You will never know how convenient this capability is until you try it yourself. Movement is at the heart of PE and having a mobile screen will allow you to teach without interrupting the flow of activity.

Having A Large Screen Will Improve The Learning Experience

The third adjective is ‘large’. Having a large screen will improve the learning experience for your pupils considerably. Because PE often necessitates that your students be scattered about, either through play or body disciplining exercises such as yoga or Tai Chi, making the screen visible is important if you want them to get the most out of your class. For this area of education, the bigger the screen, the better and your students will reward you with their attention and interest if you invest in a large screen.

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Interactive Screens for Gyms or Sports Halls

As a subject, PE has always had a special interest and attraction for pupils. This is mostly because it involves play. It is a release from the stresses of more traditional learning in the classroom. Introducing a large, mobile interactive screen to the gym or sports hall will make the subject even more fun and interesting for students. It adds to the appeal of PE considerably and it also is a powerful teaching aid for the instructor. The advent of the interactive screen in the sports hall has made this ever-popular discipline more engaging and exciting than ever before.

If this sounds like something you would like to invest in, get in touch with us today by calling +353 1 4660515 or contact us online and we can talk about bringing the best in this technology to your school sports hall or gym.

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