How Audio-Visual Technology is Helping to Connect School and Community

How Audio-Visual Technology is Helping to Connect School and Community

Links Between Schools & Community

There has always been a strong link between school and community. As the school is populated by the community’s children it is natural that parents should take an interest in what goes on there. But it goes both ways. Educators and pupils take an interest in what goes on in the local community, for the same reason.

Multi-Media Training and Courses

Students and pupils contribute to community events by taking what they have learned in the classroom and applying it. Many schools and colleges offer multi-media training and courses to students. Contributing to local community events is a great way to test their knowledge, as well as preparing them for work and doing their bit for society. Another positive about using students is that they work for free whilst gaining valuable experience that will stand them in good stead in the future.

So, what kind of equipment are we talking about here and how can it serve the community?

AV Technology to Connect Schools and Communities

AV Tech – Connecting Schools & Communities

Audio technology such as PA systems and mixing desks are probably the most useful equipment as far as community events go. Students studying multi-media or sound engineering can gain valuable work experience by offering their services to community organisers. Events such as fundraisers, book launches, youth club talent competitions and visiting speakers all require audio technology before anything else.

Record The Day

Most students these days will also know about video and how to operate a camera. Hardly any event goes by without it being filmed these days so you might as well get it done properly with some camera rental so it looks good on DVD or YouTube.

ICT is Essential for the Future

The introduction of ICT in the classroom is not something that will hold a community back but instead is essential for the future all communities. As we become more interconnected via apps, devices and the internet having ICT savvy students who can help others in the community with the technology of the future will be a real asset.

ICT Is Essential for the Future -Toomey AV

Supplying Schools & Colleges with AV Equipment

ICT in the classroom is on the rise, especially as audio-visual technology is becoming ubiquitous in our society. We supply schools and colleges across Ireland with AV equipment so they can develop students that wil serve the community. To find out more about our ICT for schools give us a call now on +353 1 4660515 or contact us online for more info!

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