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Grant Scheme for PE Equipment

PE Equipment Grant Scheme

On the 23rd of July this year, the minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton TD, announced that €450,000 in grants were to be paid to the 104 post primary schools introducing computer science and physical education as Leaving Certificate subjects this year. Of these 104 schools, 64 will be implementing phase one of the introduction of PE as a Leaving Cert. subject.

Importance of Being Physically Active

Making the announcement, the minister said, ‘we know how important it is to be physically active and engage in sports, not only for our physical health but also, as a means to encourage team building, develop confidence and for our mental health. The introduction of physical education as a full, examinable Leaving Certificate subject reflects the priority this government puts on promoting healthy lifestyles and choices.’

Grant Scheme for Digital Devices for PE Equipment

A Grant for Purchasing Digital Devices for PE

Those schools offering physical education as a Leaving Cert. subject have received a grant for purchasing digital devices which will be used by students for completing the course assessment components and for hardware required for central uploading of material. €350 per digital device has been made available, with one device for every two students taking the subject. €750 has been made available for each school for uploading hardware.

Physical Education As A Leaving Cert. Subject

As well as these digital supports, the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) has prepared a complete continuous professional development programme (CDP) to support the implementation of the new subject. The CDP will continue over the next two years to aid the introduction and embedding of physical education as a Leaving Cert. subject. The PDST also offers professional support for school leaders, to assist them in the effective introduction and implementation of the new subject.

Incorporating Digital Technology More Widely

The minister also noted that ‘these new subjects will be the first Leaving Certificate subjects since the introduction of design and communication Graphics to incorporate digital technologies into their assessment. The experience of these two new subjects will inform both the national rollout of these subjects but also the possibility of incorporating digital technology more widely in the assessment of other subjects.’

The specification for Leaving Certificate physical education is presented in two strands.

The topics for strand 1 are:

  • Learning and improving skills and techniques
  • Physical and psychological demands of performance
  • Structures, strategies, roles and conventions
  • Planning for optimum performance

The topics for strand 2 are:

  • Promoting physical activity
  • Ethics and fair play
  • Physical activity and inclusion
  • Technology, media and sport

There are three assessment components:

  • Physical activity project – 20%
  • Performance assessment – 30%
  • Written examination – 50%

Interactive Screens for PE Classes - Toomey AV

Interactive Screens Becoming More Useful & Relevant

Here at ToomeyAV we specialise in providing audio-visual technology to aid teaching and learning in schools. This includes PE departments. Our large, mobile interactive screens for PE departments are an excellent addition to your sports hall. They make teaching this broad ranging subject swifter and easier. They are the ideal audio-visual component to this discipline. PE is now a Leaving Cert. subject and its traditional popularity among students is likely to grow, so our interactive screens are more useful and relevant than ever before. Give us a call today on +353 1 4660515 or contact us online and find out how to transform your PE hall into a high performing learning environment.

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