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EPSON Case Study – Colaiste Clavin Post Primary School

Toomey have a long history of quality installations in schools, and other sectors, and the most rewarding part of our business is customer satisfaction. And, when EPSON decide to make a case study about the work we do we know it’s been a job well done which is the case here. You can read about the case study below or download it now.

A Philosophy on Products

We offer an experienced team to suit our customers’ needs and our products must also fit in with our philosophy of providing the best service and experience. These products must also suit exactly what the customer needs too. Recently we were contacted by Colaiste Clavin Post Primary school, which is located in Longwood, County Meath in Ireland, under the patronage of the Louth and Meath Education and Training Board. They required a durable setup for their P.E. (physical education) hall and after trying a variety of options they decided to call Toomey AV to handle the school hall AV installation.

Colaiste Clavin Case Study - EPSON - Toomey AV

Colaiste Clavin x Toomey x EPSON

To begin with, Colaiste Clavin needed a setup for their large hall which could cope with sports play such as basketball and other sports as well as cater to large assemblies and presentations to which hundreds of students, staff and parents could benefit. The ambient lighting could also affect which screens and projectors would be the most effective. This is where our expertise comes in. We showcased a product demo with the school’s principal Margaret Deegan, who was leading the decision from the school, showing her several AV options from different projector and flat panel brands. This included the Epson EB-L1755U and EB-L1505UH, which are 15,000 and 12,000-lumen projectors from Epson’s 3LCD laser projector portfolio.

Margaret Deegan - Colaiste Clavin Case Study Audiovisual

An “Outstanding” AV Solution

This proved a popular choice with Margaret as the school opted for EB-L1755U with an ELPLU03S standard throw lens, which they installed 14 feet above the ground in a protective cage. We also installed a 4m-wide electric projector screen and a four-way 4k switcher to provide multiple inputs at ground level, while the solution was integrated into the school’s existing audio system. Margaret had this to say about her experience with our team

‘“The AV solution from Toomey has been outstanding, and has made a huge impact on the activities we are able to carry out in the P.E. Hall. The brightness of the projector has overcome all concerns we had about using projection in bright spaces and together with the electric screen means that the hall can be maximised as a venue for every school activity, without compromising it as the excellent sports facility it is. Toomey gave the faculty a comprehensive demonstration of the new solution and walked us through how to connect different devices to it. We are delighted with the outcome for showcasing the work of the school with the entire school community.”

Audiovisual School Hall Installation Ireland - Toomey AV

Enhance Your Schools AV with EPSON & Toomey

If you would like to enhance your schools technology and AV systems then please give us a call 01 466 0515 or contact us online and we can answer any questions you may have. We promise our team are always ready to find the best solution for your school and budget.

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