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End of Year IT Budgets – Use It Or Lose It!

Use it or lose it. That’s your IT budget we are talking about. One thing that drives me crazy, and maybe you’re the same, is seeing good money go to waste. If you’re like me, you probably have some “use it or lose it” budget left over for the last few weeks of the year. If you don’t use it, it goes to waste. If you throw it at something just for the sake of spending it, that can be pretty wasteful too. With extra IT budget available as year-end approaches there is the exciting opportunity to pick up some nice IT equipment to put your end of year budget to good use. The end of the year is a great time to take inventory of your current technology stack and identify any gaps in your business processes that cause pain for your department.

What Could Be Improved With Better Tech?

Within your department, which processes could be improved by new technology? If you ask this question within each department you’ll be able to identify the pain points where IT could and should be improved. With schools and businesses around Ireland looking to get the max out of their end of year IT budgets here are some of the main areas of IT you could consider upgrading.

Video: The Big Growth area of 2020 has been video. Teams, Zoom, Skype For Business, Connect, Blue jeans, Google meet the list goes on Out top 3 products are here:

Better Tech for Video Calls in Schools - Toomey AV Ireland

Digital Signage: Maybe a digital signage solution is something to consider? Providing an easy way to digitally communicate, DSA cloud allows you to relay information across your network. Cloud Digital Signage CMS Service that can be accessed from any web browser and allows the user to manage content across a player network of any size – at the click of a button.

Interactive Display: A Clevertouch panel will transform your business operations to enable stronger communications, connectivity and collaboration using interactive technology and ease conversation flow in every meeting. Seamless meetings from any location, every time.

Questions to ask before buying new technology

Questions To Ask Yourself About New Technology

Prior to the purchase of any new technology, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will this technology potentially save time or improve productivity?
  • Will the cost of training on a new technology outweigh its benefits?
  • Is this a proven technology or should you wait before adopting it?
  • Is the supplier proven within and industry and do they offer premium after sales support?

You may even want to ask employees of colleagues for their opinions on what technology (if any) will have the greatest impact on their performance.

Must Haves for your IT Budget

With these must haves for your IT budget, chances are slim that you’ll find yourself with anything burning a hole in your pocket. In fact, you just might find yourself with an even bigger budget the next time around. Don’t forget, January 1 is just around the corner. These are just some of the ways that you can spend what remains of your budget with intention prior to the year ending. Whatever you do, plan now to use it before you lose it after December 31.

Why Trust Toomey AV for Schools

Why Trust Toomey?

Toomey Audio Visual is a leading supplier of Audio-Visual equipment. Our team of AV technicians, coupled with expert tech support and over 50 years in business make us the best choice for AV support and integration. We are specialist in projectors, flatscreens, interactive displays, video equipment, cameras, microphones and control solutions. Call us on 01 4660515 or contact us online to speak to a member of the team today and experience a superior level of service.

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