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Voice Reinforcement for Classrooms – Get Yourself Heard

With the world slowly coming out of lockdown society has been faced with entirely new routines and strategies to keep people safe in getting back to normality. The classroom is no different. Creating a safe environment in a Covid-19 landscape requires certain adjustments. Masks are fast becoming the norm everywhere we go and voice reinforcement for classrooms is now, understandably, one of the most sought after products we provide to schools. Teachers don’t want to strain or damage their vocal chords but want to ensure that they are heard in the classroom and so voice reinforcement systems are the way forward.

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Classroom Voice Reinforcment – Loud and Clear

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do” this quote by John Wooden has particular relevance in the current climate. Now that most businesses and schools/universities are requiring facemasks to be used indoors it can have an effect on effectively hearing someone speak. Especially in a classroom setting with students sat at the back. Why let the new safety precautions impede lessons and education as a whole. People have often found wearing masks and having conversations can be a little tricky. We at Toomey have a solution for the classroom so every student can hear the teacher clearly through their masks. Mini, portable PA systems allow the teacher to be heard clear as day from the front to the back of the classroom.

Portable Voice Reinforcement Systems

We have two portable voice reinforcement options available which both allow flexibility for the teacher.

Portable Voice Reinforcement Systems for Classrooms - Toomey AV Ireland

The Voice Reinforcement Belt PA System is exactly that, a belt that can be strapped around the waist allowing freedom of movement for the teacher. It comes with a headset mic, it’s 7 watts, ideal for small classrooms, comes with a power adaptor or can be used with six rechargeable AA batteries (sold separately), rechargeable batteries can be charged within the amplifier, you will also get 6-8 hours of usage with batteries.

The Portable System and Wireless Headset Mic is the second option. This is another highly portable option but with a bit more oomph. This system has 25 watts, a rechargeable battery, USB music playback, ideal for larger classrooms and outdoor use, integrated handle & shoulder strap, mic input: 6.35mm (¼”) jack, on/off power switch, charging time: approx 4.5 hours, battery life: Voice: 7 hours.

The best thing about these voice reinforcement systems is that they don’t just have to be used in the classroom. As they are portable they can be used wherever you need to amplify your voice to get yourself heard!

Voice Reinforcement for Schools - Ireland - Toomey AV

Voice Reinforcement Systems for Irish Schools

If you would like more information on how we can help enhance your classrooms and students lessons with voice reinforcement systems then give us a call on +353 1 4660515 or contact us online and speak to a member of the team today.

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