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Voice Reinforcement In The Classroom

Voice Reinforcement Systems for Schools

ToomeyAV is proud to unveil its latest audio-visual product: the voice reinforcement system. This simple, easy to use piece of technology is the perfect solution for teachers with vocal health issues or those who must compete with various noises to be heard or who are facing a particularly large class. It consists of a lightweight headset microphone and speakers. Yes, that’s all there is to it!

A Voice System That Works With the Teacher

Many teachers are perambulators. This is a tradition that goes back over 2,500 years ago to the great Greek teacher and philosopher, Plato. If you like to move about whilst you are teaching, the portable headset will allow you to continue to do this. Some teachers like to circle about in front of the whiteboard or interactive flatscreen at the end of the room, while others like to stroll around. Whatever your preference is, the microphone headset will allow you to continue to do it. In fact, the system will not inhibit your performance as a teacher in any way: it only enhances it.

Voice Reinforcement System for Teachers

Our Voice Reinforcement System Will Guarantee That You Are Heard

The importance of being heard in the classroom is paramount for the teacher. Of course, not all teaching involves talking. Notes can be projected or displayed on a projector screen and pupils read from their text books. But oral communication is the most important thing that happens in the classroom. The art of teaching is in vocal exposition. It consists of clarifying, summarizing and explaining. Nothing can replace this, and nothing ever will. So, if the teacher cannot be heard it is a serious impediment to learning. Our voice reinforcement system will guarantee that you are heard loud and clear and that you can move about comfortably while you are teaching.

The Voice Reinforcement System Will Help You Assert Yourself

Some teachers are gifted with Stentorian voices. Their words carry far and easily. But a lot of teachers struggle to be heard, either through health issues or simply because they don’t have a powerful voice. Don’t let this impair your art. By investing in a voice reinforcement system, you will become the best teacher you can possibly be. Of course, you may not have a voice issue. It could be that the class you are teaching to is large and / or unruly. The voice reinforcement system will help you to assert yourself and get the attention of every pupil in the class. The headset is designed to be as comfortable as possible, so you won’t feel any awkwardness using it. In fact, very soon you will find out just how empowering the system is.

Voice Reinforcement System for Schools - Toomey Audio Visual

Powerful Voices, Powerful Educators

Amplifying your voice will make you into a more powerful educator and the voice reinforcement system makes it easy. If you like the sound of this, then why not get in touch with us today by calling +353 1 4660515 or contact us online and we can talk about bringing this most useful technology to your school.

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  • Aileen Mhic Cionna
    Posted at 20:13h, 19 November

    Hi. I’m interested in getting prices for a cd player for the language classroom as well as looking into your voice reinforcement system.
    Thanks, Aileen Mhic Cionna, Coláiste Eoin, Booterstown, Co. Dublin