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Projector Maintenance – Say Goodbye to Your Projector Panic

Projectors have a reputation for being troublesome. Cast your mind back to your school days and you will most likely remember the teacher fiddling about with the projector while you waited for the show/lesson to begin. In a way, it was a welcome sight as it meant some time off, away from the books, but for the poor teacher it was a bit of a nightmare.

A Complete Projector Maintenance Service

These days things are different. Projectors are far less trouble prone than they used to be – which means less time wasting for the teacher. Plus, a good dealer, like ourselves, will offer a complete projector maintenance service, so the projector won’t malfunction or refuse to work at the beginning of a lesson. Say goodbye to your projector demons by purchasing from us and availing of a complete, thoroughgoing maintenance service.

Maintaining Your School Projectors

Projector Maintenance for Schools - Toomey AV - DublinAs part of our AV Maintenance we will service all your audio-visual equipment, room by room and provide you with a detailed report and status update on all equipment. As far as projector maintenance goes, here are some of the actions we take:

  • Remove and clean all projector filters
  • Reset filter meters
  • Check mountain bracket and fixings
  • Check all signal cables
  • Check all AV connectors
  • Check and test all AV terminations
  • Check picture alignment and calibration
  • Check software and firmware updates
  • Check remaining lamp-life

AV Maintenance – Thorough and Swift

Our maintenance is thorough and swift. We’ll be in and out of your school in no time and you can enjoy peace of mind that you won’t have to deal with any gremlins next time you use the projector.

Projector Technical Support When You Need It

In the past, the projector was the nemesis of many a teacher – if it wasn’t the hassle of replacing a projector bulb, it was trying to focus the projection, or a myriad of other potential problems or issues. Those days are gone. Projectors have evolved into high performing, long lasting and relatively trouble-free machines and, if they do break down, we are here to provide technical support and ensure that your equipment is up and running again in a very short space of time.

Projectors Are Part of School Life

Projectors have been a part of school life for many generations and they are just as popular today as they have ever been. Advances in the technology has ensured that they are far more reliable and less troublesome than they used to be, but if they do decide to give you problems, we are here to fix them.

Projectors & Other AV Equipment Maintenance

Our maintenance and support services are a source of great pride for us – we’ve helped so many schools and colleges with their projectors and other AV equipment that we feel we are doing our bit to ensure that this country’s educational system is amongst the best in the world. We offer you and your school an all encompassing service so you can say goodbye to projector panic!

Projector Maintenance Service - Toomey AV - Ireland

Projector Maintenance Service

So, contact ToomeyAV today and find out exactly what it is we can do for you in terms of projectors and their maintenance. Give us a call on +353 1 4660515 or contact us online for more info and we’ll take it from there!

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