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Learning Through Interactive Technology in the Classroom

It’s no great insight to know that the purpose of play is to prepare children for adulthood. Yet, in the classroom, learning through play is an idea that has not been fully embraced. But things are changing. The advent of the Interactive Flat Screen is helping to revolutionise the way children learn. This machine, in conjunction with individual hand-held devices, spurred on by the BYOD movement, is making interactive learning a reality in classrooms across Ireland and, it must be said, at not a minute too soon.

Effective Pupil-Centred Learning

You don’t need a psychologist to tell you that active learning is more effective than passive learning. Learning through interactive games, puzzles and other such methods, is more likely to stay in the mind than passive, pedagogical learning. So, why has it taken so long for educators to embrace this idea? Well, you might need a sociologist to answer this question fully, but a major factor must be that the technology simply wasn’t there. Without computers in the classroom, it is hard to imagine effective, pupil-centred learning.

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Interactive Technology Is Encouraging Pupils

Interactive technology, such as the Interactive Flat Screen, is encouraging pupils to think actively and to engage more with the subject they are learning about and this is good preparation for both third level education and the workplace. Traditionally, a university education in the Arts and Humanities gets the student into the habit of thinking and using their own mind, instead of just absorbing information. There is no reason not to begin this kind of learning earlier, in preparation for life after secondary education.

The Internet Encourages Them To Seek Out Information

A major factor in the development of pupil-centred interactive learning at both primary and secondary level, is the advent of the internet. By encouraging pupils to seek out information and knowledge for themselves, the internet introduces them to practices that were once the preserve of higher education. This is a very liberating and empowering idea. Indeed, the key to higher education is the notion of research and, these days, it is not so exclusive and elitist an activity in terms of education.

Interactive Learning Is Effective

Of course, interactive learning is also effective as it is about fun and games, and children learn better and faster when these things are involved. By rewarding children with a sense of victory and achievement, these games and their lessons are more memorable for the pupil. But it is not only children who can learn in this way. Students and mature students learn more effectively when learning through quizzes and other interactive practices. It also encourages them to be more independent in their learning, which again, is good preparation for higher education.

Effective Interactive Learning - Interactive Flatscreens

The Interactive Flat Screen Is Revolutionary

These days there is a lot of ICT in classrooms at both primary and secondary level. The most revolutionary technology is the Interactive Flat Screen. It has replaced and superseded the traditional black (and white) board in so many ways. If you want to find out more about this superb machine, don’t hesitate to give us a call on +353 1 4660515 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to advise you as objectively and transparently as possible.

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