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The Interactive Flat Screen, The Internet & Learning

The world is changing radically. The IT revolution is well under way. The internet has become ubiquitous in our daily lives. With the onset of the interactive flat screen, the internet is fast becoming a tool for teachers in classrooms. It is a versatile tool with many benefits. Here are just some of the ways it is being used in the learning environment.

The Beauty of Wikipedia for Learning

Fast becoming a legitimate source of knowledge, Wikipedia is the easiest way to answer questions or settle issues that pop up in the classroom when neither teacher nor pupils have the answer. The beauty of Wikipedia is how comprehensive it is. It also saves a lot of time. You can go from ignorance to enlightenment in a matter of seconds. Most of the articles are in depth and the information is well organized and laid out.

Freedom To Teach

One of the key benefits of having so much knowledge at you finger tips through flat screen technology and the internet is that the teacher is freed up to spend more time with individual pupils. The general direction education is going in is toward the learner centred model and the advent of the internet in the class room is further pushing educators this way. The role of the teacher is changing, and the internet is playing a key role in this evolution.

Freedom To Teach with Interactive Flat Screen Technology

Searching the Internet is Informative But Also Fun

For a long time, educators have known that children learn better and faster if they are having fun. Associating learning with play is the best way for children to learn a lesson. Searching the internet is informative but also fun. It is a relief from the lassitude that often affects the learning environment. This kind of learning also helps with discipline. Unruly behaviour is mostly caused by boredom. A group of children who are actively engaged with the Web will have less discipline problems.

Interactive Flat Screen Tech for Connecting

The internet allows classes to connect and interact with other groups of children from around the globe. A partnership can be established and maintained, allowing students to learn about other cultures and societies. Through the power of Skype and interactive flat screens the two classes can converse and learn about each other in a fun way.

Embrace Interactive Flat Screens for Teaching - Toomey AV

Embrace The Interactive Flat Screen and the Internet

Education is about progress. The children of today should have it better than the children of yesterday and the children of tomorrow should have it better than the children of today. A society’s progress is inextricably bound up with what happens in the learning environment. That’s why educators should embrace the Interactive Flat Screen and the internet.

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