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GDPR’ead All About It!

Sick of GDPR Yet?

Like all of us here at Toomey AV you’re probably sick of your inbox getting swamped with businesses pleading with you to re-subscribe to their newsletter and notifying you of changes to their privacy policy due to the new GDPR regulations. We are one of those said businesses so hope you did re-subscribe to our newsletter and now in this post we’re just going to outline some of the changes we’ve introduced to try be compliant with the new regulations, gdpr’ead all about it here!

Privacy Policy with Capital Ps

Let’s get right to the meat of it. We’ve updated our privacy policy so that it now outlines clearly what personal data of yours we use and how and why we use it. Primarily, the only personal data we have or use of yours is your name, email address & phone number and only receive it when you submit it to us via a contact form. We’ll then use that data you sent to us to, well, get back in touch with you and hopefully help kit out your classroom with the latest in interactive projectors! The privacy policy does contain other information about how we handle your personal data so if you want more info you can find it here.

GDPR Privacy Policy - Toomey AV

How The Cookie Crumbles

And what about cookies on site? Well there are some cookies in place to help with the user experience on site and analytics and there is a cookie notice in the footer to notify you of this. If you don’t want to use cookies that is no problem at all and they can be disabled via the browser, for more info check the cookie section here.

Personal Data Request, Nothing Personal

As part of GDPR we have introduced a new online facility to allow you to do your own personal data request to see what, if any, personal data is stored on site. With this tool you’ll also be able to request deletion of your personal data you’re more than welcome to do so, we know it’s nothing personal!

Dont Fear The Checkbox

Don’t Fear The Checkbox

You’ll also see that all of our forms on site now require to you provide consent for us to use your data and the checkbox has to be ticked before you can contact us. Don’t fear the checkbox, it’s just us being compliant with GDPR and you won’t be held to anything you say in your enquiry – just get in touch as before and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible, just as before!

GDPR and the Future

If in the future there are any changes in GDPR requirements we’ll endeavour to get them in place on our site and will continue to keep your data safe and secure. From time to time we may update our privacy policy and we’ll notify of these changes when we do to keep you in the loop!

And now, with all of the GDPR compliance out of the way, time to finish up this installation of a school hall AV system!

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