AV Equipment and Education - The Pleasure Reward System

AV Equipment and Education: The Pleasure-Reward System

The Pleasure – Reward System in Education

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. This is true. It is especially true of the education system, where all work and no play make Jack less receptive to learning and prone to listlessness. That is why the pleasure – reward system has been ingrained in education for hundreds of years, especially primary and secondary education.

Where Audio Visual Equipment Comes In

Children need to play – it is a biological imperative and necessity. Setting them free in the play yard for an hour each day helps to refresh their minds and systems, but they deserve more than that. This is where audio visual equipment comes in and is revolutionising the learning environment and propelling the concept of education as play.

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Powerful & User-Friendly Flat Screens

We can help with your school’s pleasure-reward system. Amongst the most memorable occasions in primary school are the times when pupils are rewarded with a special treat. Anyone over the age of forty will remember the teacher wheeling a TV and VCR into the classroom. Most of the time was taken up by tuning the TV to the VCR and organising pupils so that everyone could view the screen. These days the technology has changed but the occasion hasn’t. Powerful and user-friendly interactive flat screens run films without any time wasting at all. Enjoy glare-free, high definition images at the touch of a button. The pleasure reward system might also include listening to music andyou can get instant sounds by plugging your iPod or player into state-of-the-art speakers and language equipment.

Audio Equipment Such As PA Systems & Microphones

Sometimes the pleasure-reward system goes above and beyond the classroom. School events such as talent competitions and sports days are memorable occasions for many of us. Audio equipment such as portable PA systems and microphones, for both indoor and outdoor events, will make all the difference. You need a powerful set up that will deliver crisp, clear and loud audio so that everyone can hear.

An Excellent Audio Solution for Schools

We all assume that the pleasure-reward comes after the work, but this is not always the case. In schools and colleges, the first few days are always given over to making new students feel welcome. It is a kind of honeymoon period. The first day at school often includes an address by the president or principal of the institution. This also requires an excellent audio solution. Having a live band will also do much to help freshmen feel welcome and happy. Having a school hall AV systems at hand is a great convenience for any school.

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All Your School’s Audio-Visual Needs

Here at ToomeyAV we are ready and waiting to supply all your school’s audio-visual needs and requirements. We are happy to play a role in making education more fun, pleasurable and memorable in schools and colleges across the country. Let’s show them how much we value them by giving them something to enjoy and remember. Give us a call now on +353 1 4660515 or contact us online for more info!

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